Thursday, September 29, 2011


At the end of July we indulged in a very awesome trip to Greece, details below, and arrived back in Zurich thinking that we should start house sitting again. With a fairly tight time frame, we snagged a 17 day house sit in Paris. A lovely apartment in the center of the Marais, less than 10 minutes walk to the Seine. We spent most of our days searching for online work and doing some of that work, and we ate every meal at home. We went for walks in the evenings and attended free classical music concerts in churches in the evenings.

Akim was shy at first. He spent most days under the bed and only came out when we were gone, scurrying back under the bed when we came home. He can open the doors and enjoys eating plastic bags, so we had to be vigilant. But by a few days in, we had come to an understanding.

our reason to be in Paris

Huge, fuzzy cat not really into cuddling, but very interested in being brushed.

And then there was Paris...

la coeur pistache

saints standing on demons

notre dame

la seine

la tour eiffel

bike polo