Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bike Season

Spring is happening. I mean, it happened. Everything is blindingly green and the greens range from black-green all the way to white-green. So, we're riding our bikes. We got home from a trip to the US and found a number of bike-related ads and newspaper inserts in our mailbox. 'Ah,' we thought, 'they've got our number.' Actually, it's not about us. Bike season has begun. There was a big mountain bike race in the area at the beginning of May and the seasonal stuff in the supermarkets as well as window displays in department stores are all bike lights, locks, helmets, baskets, smartphone and beverage holders, and bike-friendly clothing - as well as bikes and beer. We moved to a country where there's a bike season! And it's in full effect on the streets, too. It's no Netherlands or Denmark here, but bikes go by the house all day long.

One of our bike rides was more ambitious than the others; we took the train out towards the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) and then rode home. It wasn't a very long ride, just unfamiliar and unpredictable. Of course there was nothing to worry about. Bike routes are bike friendly.

Bike route signs! Later on there was one with our town on it, but it was just before a big uphill so I did not attempt a photo.

the biggest road we were on all day
Pfaffenwinkel is a place and this is the Pfaffenwinkelweg (road to).

oh, how nice, a picnic table
Joshua: "A mower-conditioner! It's not gonna rain for a couple of days."

 And the obligatory bike selfie. No. Big. Deal.