Monday, December 3, 2012

Wind Storms and Work Days

Things have quieted down for us. The weather changed to fall-like, at least for Menorca, and we haven't been snorkeling since Oct 23rd. Yeah, I know. This place is great. We've had a couple of really big storms, where it gets crazy windy and we close all the shudders to keep out the sideways rain. The tortoises are all mostly hibernating, although we had a hot sunny day about a week ago and the little guys were all out getting some sun and eating the fresh grass that's grown up quickly. The big tortoises are still wandering around on warm, sunny days.

We're both back in work mode, so not a lot of exploring. We had thought to go kayaking and horseback riding and even sailing, but when the weather got a bit cooler, we stopped trying. Plus, now is the time for saving, not spending. We go for walks with Trixie, the 15 year old Terrier type who lives here and presides over the doorways. She is fantastic, and almost completely deaf. At first we would talk to her and she'd just ignore us. ("Hey Trixie! Hey girl!" and she just walks by - us, feeling ignored.) So we've gotten used to that. Chocolate, the 15 year old cat, started off as suspicious and flighty as a cat can be, but now he comes meowing around, asking to be allowed to sit on my lap while I work at the computer. We make fires in the wood stove. It is quite cozy.

I'm also knitting again, so don't be shy about checking out the shop. It's always nice to make a bit of extra spending money with a hobby. Joshua is jealous. His hobbies tend to cost more than they make, so he can't justify them like I can justify knitting. So thanks for that, team!

Right now the wind is absolutely howling. I'm expecting the power to go out at any moment, which it has done a number of times over the past few weeks. I've got a row of candles nearby, just in case.

Here are more sunset and pool images for you, but remember the pool is freezing now. We went in after a run not too long ago and it was stunningly cold. Stunned, I was. Last time for the season.