Links to Other Helpful Sites

Inspiration for your own Bicycle Tour:

Fully Loaded Touring
The Great Fear by Path Less Pedaled
What Do You Win? by the Mountain Turtle
In Defense of the Shiftless Bums by Path Less Pedaled
A Lifetime of Memories for a Shoeful of Dust by Path Less Pedaled (yup, we like them)
How to Tour with a Partner by Travelling Two - we can now back up most of these suggestions with experience: read this if you will be touring with a boy/girlfriend or spouse. Or even with a friend.

Help planning and packing:

Crazy Guy on a Bike
Travelling Two (these two are big on inspiration, too)
Sheldon Brown's Touring Page (see the rest of the page for everything you ever needed to know about fixing your bicycle)
Epicurean Cyclist
Tom's Bike Trip - We love the first line of his Advice page and you should read it...

Some other things we like:

The Bicycle Kitchen
The Bicycle Kitchen Blog
Who's(e)? Bicycling
Kent's Bike Blog
Girls and Bicycles - go ahead, get on a bike in your adorable outfit.
The Path Less Pedaled/Big Adventure, Small Wheels

Purchasing Stuff to Pack:

Ibex - wool clothing
Smartwool - wool clothing
Team Estrogen - sporty gear for women
Sierra Trading Post - super cheap gear and clothing of all kinds

Travel Deals (because you're not always on a bike trip):

Kayak - Flights, hotels, etc at the price that will actually be charged to you.
SkyScanner - flights in a different format

Ways to Live Cheaply:

Mind My House - house-sitting
House Carers - more house-sitting
Trusted Housesitters - possibly the best house-sitting site we use, and also the newest.

Tech Goodies:

Soda PDF - PDF converter/reader - Make a blog into a book! Fast and free.