Saturday, January 1, 2011

Knitting Coziness While Knitting Bone

Four more weeks!! This time in blue. With a black heel.

It is a pretty color, and I still match some of my knee-high, argyle socks. But four more weeks in a cast!?!? Yikes.

I only complain because I can. I know how much better I have it than... whoever. I'm just feeling sorry for myself so you don't have to. The doctor says it's doing great! He's glad we went this route, and he says I'm lucky and I'm healing up well! Okay, super.

My mom, with love in her heart, gave me a card that says 'you've had a really hard year,' or something to that effect, referring to my poor foot. I laughed. I hope this was a hard year, because imagine the good years to come. I've had a disappointing couple of months, but all around, 2010 has been awesome.

Here is my ode to 2010 on New Year's Eve:

January: Wedding number 1 by bicycle, my own,
February: Laid-off (yes!),
March, April: Staying home, gathering gear, and
lemonade goodbyes,
May: Garage/party sales, goodbye weight of possessions, best going away party ever,
June: Left the big city, left behind a fun life, good friends, breathed the fresh air of home,
wedding number 2 by bicycle, 8 hours at a winebar, full bank account, one-way flight to Switzerland,
July, August, September: carefree, car-free,
practically weightless,
friends all over the world, new and old,
bicycles, camping, detox, de-stress, slow down,
wedding number 3 by bicycle (and boat),
October: home again, grandma time, wedding number 4 by stretch hummer, broken foot,
November, December: gimpy, blessed with patient, caring, careful, active, tireless Joshua, a lot of fun family time (holidays), knitting knitting knitting, movies, books, wood stove, walker (roller), crutches, manly muscular arms, doctor visits, exchanging casts, knitting, quiet.

My complaints are... facetious. Therapeutic. Lemonade.

X-mas was fun.

we did some cycling! surrey-style. my mom was the fourth.

Corina bought us beeswax for make-your-own candles (Joshua did the 3 wick magic)

serious business (am I standing?)

mom, lighting the rum, plum pudding on fire

Knitting knitting knitting? You ask, excited.

I don't have a lot of creative talents. I like being creative, but not publicly (ha ha to those who might point out the blog). Cooking is one way I enjoy being creative. And by creative I mean creating things that are beautiful or useful or delicious. And wow, I can't cook on crutches. Luckily my cousins and aunt were all knitting at Thanksgiving, and I was given an extra set of needles and some spare yarn. I forgot that I knew how to knit. And so I've been creating things since then, oh-so-satisfying.

now lives in LA

now lives in Oakland
(love the crutch-feet in this one)

now lives in NY

now lives in Monterey

this one I have not yet sold; it could be yours!

There are a few more out there already (guess what everyone got for x-mas). And I started an site: There's not much on there right now. Of course, it's been my friends who've actually bought them. Etsy is a case of too bad, just way-so-much stuff to wade through. The chance of someone finding my stuff is almost zero percent. So don't be shy about passing along the site to people you know - hint-hint. I can knit to order, too. Working on a custom job now, will post photos when the sun comes out.

These babies are called cowls, or neck gaiters. Talk about a need for re-branding. Neck gaiter, anyone? We talked about this over x-mas, and brainstormed some new ideas. I keep saying neck cozies, because... well... I'm practical. But someone (probably my brilliant sister) came up with the name 'no dip scarf'. You won't dip it in the trash can when you take out the trash. You won't dip it in a puddle when you bend down to tie your shoes. You'll never dip it in your tea or coffee. And most importantly, you'll never dip it in the toilet.

Alas, to re-brand at this point would mean nobody would search and find my no dip scarves. So cowls they remain.

Wow, I wish I was blogging about bicycle touring. Where is my bicycle? Norway. As soon as I can walk and drag a rolling suitcase, we will be re-united. In massive snowstorms.

Happy New Year everyone!

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