Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Plan: Summer 2012

Our plans have changed many times this summer. In many ways we've benefitted from being even more flexible than usual. Joshua now has a shiny residence visa card for Germany (official home = Hamburg), we have a rocking great house sit to look forward to in October, we spent an incredible month east of Dresden, our German is improving, we got to visit our Zurich buddies again, and we're now finally doing a trip that I planned back in May and thought would never happen.

Tomorrow morning we'll hop on the bikes (early) and re-visit the bike routes between Zurich and Zug, which was our day 1 two years ago when this particular adventure started. Then we'll diverge and head toward Lucerne a new way, then south and up and over two passes in the Alps, the second being Grimselpass - kind of a big one. Then west along the Valais and the Rhone River until Martigny. From there we'll go up and over to Chamonix in the French Alps, where we'll take a bus through the Mont Blanc Tunnel so we can bike south through the Val d'Aosta.

By Sept 25th we'll be just outside of Genoa, and on the 26th we take a ferry to Olbia, Sardegna. Then we have a leisurely trip across Sardegna to Porto Torres, where another ferry will take us all the way to Barcelona. After a bit of time with my mom (yay!) in Barcelona, we'll ferry one more time out to Menorca where we'll spend two months house sitting and working again.

Please wish us strength and good weather - or friendly bus and train drivers in the event that we don't get our first two choices.

This map is somewhat accurate, and includes some other routes that will not be explored this summer... another time, we hope.

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