Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Snorkeling Trip #2

Okay, so we headed back to Alcalfar, the tight little cove, this time armed with snorkel gear and the camera. We were rewarded with a gorgeous day, great light, and even an octopus that changed color. A huge thunder cloud loomed and threatened, but we were spared until after we got home. Phew!

looked stormy, heard thunder

but the beach was looking ready for us

just wanna reach out and grab one - mmm, tasty

couple raindrops, but still no cloudiness

I swear the octopus in the next two pictures is the same guy, moments apart. He slowly crept toward the rocks and ducked underneath, eye-balling us the whole time.

Riding home through town... just a bit of a climb, nothing to fret over.

Menorca pretty much looks like this:

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