Monday, March 4, 2013

Being Tourists in Berlin

Sun! Today is the fourth day in a row that it's been completely sunny. Amazing. This winter has been, so far, the darkest (fewest sunlight hours) since they started keeping record here in Berlin. Oops. Not that it's been bad for me - I don't need reasons to wish I was running around outside. But over the weekend we did something we don't normally do: act like tourists.

We went to the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) and the Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral). We did a bad job of taking photos of ourselves, but you get the idea. All the walking and sunshine was great for both of us. First Brandenburger Tor:

from the front


sunny side (from the back)

Then we walked all the way to the Berliner Dom and managed to go up all 270 stairs to the walkway on the outside of the dome. Pretty spectacular views.

Berliner Dom, Berlin TV Tower, and Mr. Moody


from the walkway - Berlin TV Tower

Next door at the Altes Museum, we got sidetracked by this lady:

very intense lion attack

Altes Museum

I was absolutely exhausted after that. A couple weeks in bed will do that to me, I suppose. But it made me excited about traipsing about Berlin and walking as a form of exercise. Hopefully we'll do more of this in the coming weeks.

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