Monday, November 15, 2010

Before We Left Norway

We had a lot of fun during our 2+ weeks in Norway...  Natalia and Anders manage to get out with their three kids every day, more than once, rain or shine. They get them dressed up in little rain suits with rain boots, or if it's sunny they wear a couple of layers of wool and tiny little hiking boots. There are fresh rolls most mornings, and beeswax candles glowing when it's dark out. There are little munchkins running around almost all the time, and it couldn't be lovelier.

Just a walk/ride up the road is a good time...

Joan of Arc! and Noa

Visiting the elf shelter, leaving them some nice rocks and pine cones

Not a bad view from up on the hill

Hanging around the house picking clover:

And riding the bike or trike up and down the driveway...

No brakes!

 He comes in fast, but manages to take the turn like a pro

No, you stand there!

Goofin' in the back yard.

Noa successfully knocks Joshua off the lower rope

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