Monday, March 21, 2011

another day in the snow (before it started raining)

The snow is about half as tall as it was yesterday, at least at our altitude. I don't know if the scenery has changed up on the mountain, where we were yesterday.

Natalia, kids, Joshua and I made our way up to Fitjadalen, where there's that little hut by the lake... Yeah, it wasn't exactly easy access this time.

Climbed over the snow bank to...

A nice place for a fire...

It was pretty cozy.

Joshua did a lot of rolling around in the snow.

Then we went for a walk...

Jasmin gets towed on the sled. Joshua only ran her into the snow a few times.

Go to sleep little munchkins.

Demonstrating the height of the snow along the road - it's as tall as Joshua!

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