Friday, March 4, 2011

More Snow Fun

What do you do with a bunch of little kids when it's snowy out for months at a time? Bundle 'em up and put 'em outside. It's raining today, which feels strange when there's about 3 feet of snow on the ground. Yesterday it snowed for a while, and then when the clouds were kind of clearing we went out and had some snowy fun. We made a little snow-woman. The kids used sleds on their backyard to great effect. They get so bundled up they can't see, hear, walk, hold on to hardly anything. Hats, mittens, wool pants over wool leggings, wool sweaters over wool undershirts, huge one-piece snow suits, and boots that are made to be tripped over. But did they have a blast? Of course!

Creepy little snow lady

Help getting out from under the table

Even a picnic table can be an adventure.

And here's a photo from a few days ago when the snow was still nice enough to ski in - Joshua coming up the hill after a wee ski.

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