Thursday, June 9, 2011

Riding around the Point

When we first arrived in Tighnabruaich we went for a little ride, to see how far the road went down the Cowal Peninsula. We found it went in a loop, and we did that. Very nice. We saw lots of lambs who were freshly hatched from easter eggs, and many, many daffodils.

Two months later the lambs are running around, some fields now host cows instead of sheep, and a farmer moves a flock of sheep.

As we approached a curve in the road, we saw that three sheep had been left behind. A mama and her twins. Well, one twin had a bad leg. When we got close, they all got up and started down the road again. Gimpy was clearly struggling. It hopped along for a little bit, and then went to the grass at the edge of the road to rest. I stayed there, while Joshua went ahead to see if he could see the farmer. The road is small and there aren't exactly any junctions. Clearly, a flock of sheep had recently been moving in the same direction as us (sheep poop everywhere). So Joshua came back, grabbed the lamb, and rode it down the road.

This is the pasture they were headed for

Good day for a ride! At least on our peninsula. Above you can see the Isle of Arran getting pummeled by rain. It may look like a smoking volcano, but it's just catching clouds with it's high peaks. Whoops.

This kinda sums up our time here. Sheep, sailboats, lots of water, crazy clouds and unpredictable weather. Rock, gannets circling and diving, green green pastures. We like it here.

We had seen this beach from above before, so we decided to check it out. It is a local destination of some fame. I am learning to better use the camera.

No cars are allowed on the road out to the beach, and it's a bit of a walk. So we did a little 'froadin. I left the camera dangling from my handlebars and on, so I could take photos at a moments notice. Of the road.

And it took a bunch of photos all by itself. Below is one of the better ones.

The road went paved again, which was nice, and then we turned onto a muddy path that petered out into a field.

A bog? A fen? Anyway, we took it very slowly and didn't crash into any mud.

Zee beach! Made it. Someone had a huge kite. A group was doing team building exercises. Otherwise this vast expanse was fairly empty. Clams. Shells. Lots of sand squirts from razor clams.

Joshua got a new handlebar bag

As we were leaving, I noticed a bit of trash and stopped to pick it up. Apparently tobacco companies here don't completely own governmental representatives.

no sh*t!?

This kind of warning doesn't actually affect smokers, I'm told. Too abstract.

What a lovely day out. While we were gone, it had hailed in Tighnabruaich. Four seasons in a day - sometimes in a couple of hours. That's the west coast of Scotland.

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