Thursday, June 9, 2011

So What's Next?

We're going on the road again. Oh. Yeah.

As soon as Joshua's app gets approval from the iTunes store, we will pack the 'puter in a box, ship some stuff to Switzerland, load up, and ride out. It's been really fun to spend some time here. Being in one place allows for making of friends, learning of lingo, and exploring. It feels like we've learned the moods of the view.

Now we're thinking we'll do this:

View Tighnabruaich to Edinburgh to Newcastle by bike in a larger map

Not sure which way around after Edinburgh. Not sure if we'll make it to Arran, depending on what day we leave here. Could be we go there for a day trip if we're still waiting. Maybe tomorrow? Who knows? But once we get the email, it'll be us leaving within 24-48hrs. We are that ready.

At Newcastle we get to visit Budge. He might even come meet up with us and ride for a day or two as we approach Newcastle. And then the ferry to Amsterdam, probably on the 20th or 21st of June. Yes, Amsterdam. To see Paul & Marieke. And Amsterdam.

We're looking forward to seeing Den Haag for the first time, and visiting the folks who are Travelling Two, one of our favorite bicycle touring websites. Route will be along the North Sea Route, something like this:

View Amsterdam to... in a larger map

Although maybe we'll continue into France instead of Luxembourg to Germany. No decisions yet, just a rough idea. Maybe with some advice and ideas we'll change paths a few times. Eventually to Zurich, again. And Greece. Back to Zurich. Into Italy...

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