Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arrival in Zurich - And Finally Some Snow

We are the fortunate house sitters. We not only house sit, we house sit in great places where we are happy to spend time.

Now, we are in Zurich, Switzerland. This is a city at work, at play, and connected to the farmland at its borders. The house is in a residential neighborhood just a five minute bus ride from a busy and fun neighborhood and another 8 minutes by train from Zurich Hauptbahnhof - the central station. So: 15 minutes to downtown on public transport that runs extremely regularly and on time. Also, we are about a 15 minute walk from a farm where we buy fresh milk, eggs, and potatoes. Not too shabby.

During the cold spell here in Europe, Zurich got a few days of gentle, intermittent snow. And it was really cold. But we went for milk anyway.

Five minutes from home: farmland blanketed in snow (where kids have been skiing and sledding).

Zee pigs.

Hi pig!

The best vending machine ever invented. 

Milk. Really good milk. The cows were in the barn, or there would be pictures of them, too. 

More pig/snow action.

The city and the sun, viewed from the path by the woods. Can you see all the construction cranes? Crazy.

We also did a little walking through town, where the snow had more to contend with. The light was lovely, bleak, dramatic when the sun did come out for a few minutes. These are nice days.

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Steve Gioia said...

I'm usually a soymilk man, but I'd love to try some of that fresh Swiss milk. Can't wait to see you guys!