Sunday, August 22, 2010


For the water, so it does not splash the nice outfits and check out that awesome full-wheel reflector.

To move a mattress, insert into step-through and push by hand.

Every bridge has this kind of bike parking pile-up. Every. Bridge.

Only walking for the big festival.

And you see tons of this - a full on person sitting side-saddle on the back of the bike.

That's two in the box and one on the back. And he was using his cell phone. After which he caught up with his wife and put his hand on her shoulder and they rode practically touching elbows...

That's two kid seats on the back of this bike. In front of the grocery store, this pile-up.

And in my stealth I missed these guys. He's got one in the front, she's got one in the back.

Now for something completely different: space bike...

Two people can pedal.

Some electric assist, perhaps.

They use the same pedals that we do!


Allison said...

Looks like you guys are definitely in the right place.

evelyn said...

thanks for giving us american folks some cleaver ideas and inspiration!

AA said...

OK, so I've been wanting a twike for a while now, but that custom blade runner detailing is totally out of this world! I wonder if you two could have stowed away onboard and visited some even more distant worlds? "Keep smooth and clean within circle." And then these Babboes... these just make me want to have more kids right away. I can't really read their website ( , but it looks like you get at least one kid with it on some sort of child-bank loan program... Nieuw!