Saturday, August 7, 2010

Captain Gurk sails to a hotel

My captain gurk drinks a captain gurk while charting our course out of Germany.

We are exhausted, so we have coffee and ice cream.

Our bicycles need a rest too.

We decide that we need a hotel, our first of the trip, because there is no camping within 30 km. The time is 18:00. Ramona dashes across the street the internet cafe/casino and finds us a fantastic hotel room. I post on the blog. We start looking for a grocery store to buy food for dinner and lunch. It takes a bit. We split up and still can not find the market our waitress told us about. I asked a nice lady on the street and she gave us directions to a HUGE Costco-esque store. Ramona shops and I entertain the local homeless people with my amusing German. The time is 20:00. Off to the hotel! Which appears to be invisible. After an hour of riding in circles and asking strangers, we finally find a couple who will lead us there. The have in tow two Swiss boys who are visiting. Nice folks. They lead us to Hotel zur Wartburg. Every other hotel room in Europe will have to measure up to this place. It was super nice and the people were very friendly.

I shaved my pubic hair, which is a first for me, so as to expose my nifty rash so I can put a bandage on it. I'm really looking forward to this bandage.

We ate a great meal in our room and went to bed happy listening to rain come down outside. Only 40 km today, but our two day average is over 70 km.

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