Friday, August 6, 2010

North on the Fulda to the Weser

We followed the Fulda north to Hann. Münden, where it merges with the Werra and becomes the Weser.

We stopped for a kaffee about 30km after leaving Kassel. It has been cool and drizzling since we left Kassel at 14:00 - perfect for riding.

I really appreciate the flags with crests on them. This one is green and white with a giant oak tree on a shield.

The first 30k today were difficult for me because I neglected to balance my front panniers after shopping. This resulted in a terrible wobbling that left me exhausted because I had to wrestle the handle bars to keep steady.

I don't know how Ramona does this. Here we are blazing down a hill.

Ramona: In my defense, I don't think it was a hill. But we were blazing. I keep my eyes on the road, apparently.

Quote of the day from Joshua:

"Wahmbeck, not to be confused with Wahmbat... or with Wahmfledermaus."

Joshua: In my defense, die fledermaus is one of the only German words I know. It was also late. It made us giggle.

Later that day, as we approached a town where the river seemed to flow, I thought perhaps that we'd already covered the additional 30km since our last map check. Our goal was camping at Bad Karlshafen. I felt sad when I thought our day was over - not done riding yet. As it turned out we were still 10km away - woo hoo!

We kicked out a good number of kms even though we started late and camped in Bad Karlshafen right next the river. There was beautiful sunset through the clouds. The site was very crowded and we had to pitch in someone else's front yard. Crowded!

This was a fantastic day.

:: rolling post. ride on.


fireweed said...

I like these interactive posts with y'all's banter. Keep 'em coming! For your wallpaper of your blog you should use all those awesome photos of Ramona in the foreground and Joshua in the background. They're fun and funny. Now, back to work! xoK

marks moody said...

we also have a collection of photos of joshua from behind, which is quite fun, too. maybe one day we'll do a post of just joshua riding ahead. he's learning to use his iphone while riding, so now we're getting some ramona from behind photos too. soon to be posted. thanks kelly!