Sunday, August 8, 2010

Goodbye rain

It rained all day until the clouds broke outside of Münster.

I wore socks for the first time on the trip.

Ramona: A couple of weeks ago, Joshua asked me whether I thought we look like we've been on the road for over a month. Obviously, we did - because no matter how we looked, we'd been on the road for over a month. Looking at these photos, I realize that this is indeed what we look like. The gloves were bought in Kassel, and they are mesh on the top. I believe I was displaying how dry they were after a morning of drizzle, because of the awesome, white-striped mesh. 

This was a glorious moment. We'd been wearing our rain gear a lot, and my stuff was all still a little damp. So to stop in the sunshine and strap the gear to the back of the bike where it could dry, and then continue on without rain gear, was freeing - to feel sun and wind again!

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