Saturday, August 7, 2010

Playground on the Ems

We are still super tired as we start to follow the Ems, but the scenery and the path is beautifully groomed so we don't mind all that much. Or maybe we are tripping off the Dextrose - that shit is good!

The path becomes more crowded with walkers, nordic walkers, nicely dressed old folks, joggers, and cyclists. There are carefully trimmed willow trees on the other side of the Ems. There are lots of planted flowers and the path starts to jog back and forth, in and out of small squares with brilliant flower plantings. Eventually, we are dumped into a resort/retreat/spa type area where the path becomes more crowded, the people older and better dressed. Then it is up and over a crazy bicycle-foot bridge that spans a tennis court and a small road. Down the other side and BAM! Another awesome playground. I nearly ran into the back of Ramona.

Yes. That is an enormous spider web. And yes, adults can use it too.

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AA said...

There is a Rope Playground like this on the island off of Toronto - in the shape of a Buckyball. I noticed it was German made, perhaps you stumbled on the Mother web?