Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 2: Small Loop

We rode out the ridge road and down into Elk this morning for breakfast and a loaf of bread. It is a 10% grade for 2+ miles downhill and my hands were sore from braking by the time we reached Route 1.

Around every corner on the Mendocino coast is another dramatic view. This one is from the bluffs in Elk.

The Elk Creamery is a goat farm that over looks this beach. The last time we were up here, I checked out their website The rumor is that they are out of business...

1st Leg of the trip looked like this:

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After a light breakfast of beer, coffee, and a feta cheese scramble at Queenie's Cafe, we rode out along the bluffs to see a dead Humpback whale that had washed ashore a week ago. Ramona told me a story about a Blue whale washing ashore in Little River when she was in middle school - the whole school went down to the beach to view the corpse. It was huge and smelt bad. This one was an adolescent - maybe 20ft in length. Ramona said that the whales that come ashore are usually dead already.

2nd Leg (after breakfast) looked like this:

It rained a bit while we were riding along Route 1 back to Cameron Rd. The rain on my face prompted me to say, "Who needs a Korean spa, when you've got a penetrating sea mist facial cleanse." There were poppies, thistles, crimson clover, sweet peas, dandelions, and mustard blooming on the side of the road.

Yes, that is me in a helmet eating Ramona's face. Safe! Yum!

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