Friday, June 11, 2010

Greenwood Ridge to Hendy Woods in Philo and Back

Camping adventure! We rode up Greenwood Ridge on the windy road, out to camp in the monster Redwoods for a night. The road was basically empty, very few cars, and we often rode side by side, which is very nice. Here's the map for that first leg.

Before we left my dad snapped a dorky bike photo for us. Fully loaded...

Every time Joshua sees a sign like this he cringes:

But the views are well worth it... that's Anderson Valley from high on Greenwood Ridge.

On the way back we went via the less hilly Route 128, which follows the Navarro River. Stunning Redwoods, narrow, somewhat busier road. We stopped to check out a camping spot, and the mighty Navarro itself.

Hendy Woods = big trees!

This is the 128 to the bottom of Cameron Road route we took on the way back. It was good, except for a few huge trucks, one of which thought it would be cool to almost run us off the road. Then we hit the part where we had to climb - after 22 miles. And it was quite a climb. When we got home we opened a bottle of wine, made a couple of espressos, and congratulated ourselves. Cameron is steeper after 22 winding miles.

Navarro River!

Rewarded again, for climbing the little stretch of Hwy 1, which is all uphill from 128 to Cameron Rd. Oh the Pacific Ocean...

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Allison said...

You guys are chargers!! I love how you stop along the way for beer and taquila shots! That is sure to keep you in good steads. Um grande beijo