Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Day in Switzerland

We went for a bike ride, even though we were behind on about 16 hours of sleep over the previous two "nights" and were close to passing out. But what better way to adjust than to power through one more day.

I gave Max (2.5yrs) my camera to use while in his trailer. He managed a good photo of his Daddy (Thomas), checking out the Cashmere Chicken.

And he got a pretty good self-portrait:

We rode through beautiful Zurich, or the edge of it, I guess. There's an amazing integration of city and countryside, and we were out at the lake within 10 minutes of riding on paths that were either bike and ped only, or not wide enough for even one American car:

Katzensee, where people apparently arrive by bicycle:

Not too bad for "suburban" Zurich.

Tired but happy

One the way back, checking out the cows.


Along big roads like the one below, they put in a separate bike path.

And we stopped for fresh milk on the way home. That cow has the words Frisch Milch 24h on her side.

Joshua and the fields that edge the neighborhood where Emily & Thomas live in Zurich

Switzerland is great for bicycle riding. We watched the US fail against a very determined and skillful Ghana team, and camped in the back yard. We slept very, very well. Now we're heading for a little tour of the city on our bikes, and probably another swim in another lake.

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Allison said...

Yeah, you made it!!! It looks beautiful. Enjoy. oxoxox