Saturday, June 19, 2010

Smooth runnings

We rode 27 miles today from Elk to Point Arena down the Mendocino coast. We had a stiff wind at our back all the way - smooth runnings. We are here for Anna and Jim's wedding. This was our first ride fully loaded. We weighed our gear before we left. Ramona has 50# and I have 75# (gulp). There was a little pushing the bikes today: once up the drive way (no surprise), once up the switch back at the San andreas fault, and at the end up the gnarly dirt road to Anna's house. We stopped for a beer and a tequila in town and a local Welsch man shared his chips with us. Ramona looked stunning in her yellow skirt and blue tights. I wish I had snapped a picture because I was picking up some wicked visuals off her (thanks Federico).

Now we are here.

:: rolling post. ride on.

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