Friday, June 4, 2010

Wilderness in NorCal

Just a couple of days out of LA and we've already been visited by the kind of wildlife you don't expect to see, even here in the woods of Mendocino County. We know these guys are out there, but usually they're much more secretive.

First the bobcat, which was hunting gophers in the recently mowed grass around the house. Nature TV has nothing on what this little guy was showing off. He didn't catch anything, but for at least 10 minutes he was stalking around while we watched. We eventually needed to get some things out of the truck, so Joshua went out there and the bobcat moved off. But he re-appeared once it was quiet outside again. Just a big kitty-cat.

Then, mama and baby bambi. Really tiny baby. My dad already has a history of spending time with the local deer. There are a few that come around and will actually eat apples or carrots from his hands. This one apparently felt it would be safe to bring her very new fawn right up to the house, and my dad threw them some treats.

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Allison said...

Wow that is amazing!!!! I've never seen a bobcat up close but I'm always hearing stories of them roaming around on the ridges.