Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Standing atop a meadow on the way back from swimming in the lake, I counted no less than 15 building cranes dotting the neighorhood where Thomas and Emily live. Zurich is definitely thriving. More remarkable is that the meadow was under cultivation (some sort of wheat I've never seen before) and from where I was standing I was a stone's throw away from a farm with dairy cows, sheep, pigs, and bees. As we were landing at the airport I saw a farmer raking hay into windrows at the edge of the runway. Every apartment building has gardens - some on the roofs. Many are magnificent. The way that the urban/agricultural boundary is blurred is very appealing.

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Anonymous said...

mmmm you should do it... blurry lines are good!!!! YAY!

Great Aunt Jude said...

Joshua you are the best tour guide! I'm overwhelmed with all the sights, sounds, people, land and water... Love Mom

Anna Spurlock said...

I would totally love that too.