Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Map from Bostalsee, DE to Koblenz, DE

And finally, we rode along the Nahe River, which was at times also very magical and mystical - not your standard river path by any stretch, often we were riding through forests high above the Nahe after short but steep climbs - and after another epic day we arrived in Kirn and stayed at Campingplatz Papiermühle, which was lovely and quiet. The following day took us through some strange and fun industrial areas and some small towns, as well as along shaded, wooded routes and through towns like Bad Münster and Bad Kreutznach, which are beautiful and have magic all their own. At the end of our second day along the Nahe, we said goodbye and joined the Rhine again at Bingen, then rode just north to Trechtinghausen where we camped right below a castle. The following day we finally had some cooling rain and got to wear our rain hats! The Rhine through this part is all castles and vineyards, and very dramatic. We camped at Spay right on the Rhine, and then the next day we rolled into Koblenz.

We had thought of riding all the way to Kassel, Germany, where my (Ramona´s) cousin and aunt live. However, we wanted to have some time here also. So, we took a train and arrived in Kassel on Friday night (the 23rd). Kassel is almost due east of Koblenz, but the train goes south to Frankfurt, and then we transferred to a train to Kassel. So we got to see our previous two days in rapid rewind - although there was some napping on the train, too. Photos of all to come very soon! Below are some tidbits that Joshua blogged on the iPhone and just posted when we got an internet connection here.

Größere Kartenansicht

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