Friday, July 23, 2010

A couple of quick Rhine days

It rained! We finally had a real rain day - almost all day - and we were so grateful. The heat has made us sometimes sluggish and sometimes just grumpy (Ramona), so we rejoiced in the opportunity to wear our rain gear (which has so far just been heavy). Thank you Jim C for saying the rain hats are great - because they have been GREAT!

We passed this tractor...

And some old stuff and steep vineyards...

Our final Rhine campsite was right on the water. Joshua is competing with himself for best shelter ever.

This is the Marks Castle:

The following day (Fri, July 23rd) was short, only about 15km to Koblenz. From there we took the train to Kassel, so we would have time to hang out and relax. And here are aunt Sibylle, cousin Ray, and his daughter Nathalia, being goofballs in Kassel:

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