Monday, July 12, 2010

Night in Freiburg (July 12th)

From Basel we thought we would go for a big day and get all the way (75k) to Freiburg for a night. We had a very hot day along the Rhine, and although it is practically sinful to complain about a river-side bike path, the dirt road bumpies and unchanging landscape got us thinking about trying other routes. We veered inland around Neuenburg am Rhein and went through farmlands and into wine country. Less than 10km out of Freiburg, this threatened:

Sure enough, rain came. We found a shelter and watched the rain for about an hour or so. Luckily we were very close to a bakery that was open and we got a little snack.

We finally tapped into to find a spot to stay for the night in Freiburg. We have heard that this is a bicyclist mecca of sorts and a cool city in general. Although we were there for just a day, I think we can confirm that it is both of those things. Apparently the river-side bike path is crazy with bike traffic during rush hour and there are many streets where bikes have the right of way over cars. Kind of exciting. We stayed with Christian and Olga, who have done a fair amount of bicycle touring themselves. We got to ask them about touring in Africa, since Joshua is very interested in going to Morocco, and they said it was quite possible to ride there and they enjoyed it very much. They even took us up to a viewpoint so we could watch the sunset over the Münster. Then we had our first falafel (of many in Germany) and walked home to a very restful sleep.

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