Thursday, July 15, 2010

Map from St. Pierre, FR to Bostalsee, DE

Another two days in France proved a little trying... we were happy in Alsace (although French drivers are quite impatient), but once we got into Lorraine we followed some very small roads that were not the usual bike routes and the drivers there have maybe never been passed while riding a bicycle. We had a huge day getting to Keskastel to camp so that the following day we would return to Germany and the lovely bike paths there. We made it over the border and camped in Ensdorf at a campsite that made us very happy, and there we took a rest day. One week of riding, on the 7th day, we rested.

On Monday we got up early and headed north again. Our plan had evolved to include the Saar River starting in France and going into Germany. Although it was very nice to take a canal-side path with no traffic after our harrowing day in Lorraine, we were ready after a couple of days to try something new. We had thought we would take the Mosel River back to the Rhine at Koblenz, but then we read about the Nahe River. Something about the description of the route and the fact that it would be the path less taken drew us, and we headed north-east towards the Bostalsee, and the spring of the Nahe River. What a crazy day that was... nothing can describe how beautiful the path, the woods in the national park, the crazy looping, derive-like bikeways through towns... fantastic, in the true sense of the word. That day, from Ensdorf to the Bostalsee, was huge - 90k - and it took us over mountains, along streams, through forests, and farmland and towns. It was one of the best days of the trip so far.

Again, this map is not exactly our route. Google doesn´t do bicycle routes yet in Europe. But this is the general idea...

Größere Kartenansicht

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