Monday, July 19, 2010

Through Naturpark Saar-Hunsrück

We had our days of riding on higher traffic roads. Then we had our quiet, canal-side bike routes where we could just space out and enjoy the scenery. And then we veered into lesser travelled bicycle routes and tripped out for three days.

From Ensdorf, DE to the Bostalsee, DE the bicycle route was well marked and felt like dedicated cyclists had spent a lot of time finding the best bicycle roads, paths, trails possible.

We finally got to buy farm fresh eggs from a road-side stand

And after walking up a steep hill through a town, we had a good laugh about these...

Late in the day, we started cruising through some very narrow trails (more technical riding, fully loaded). At one point we came down a little hill, then had to make a sharp right-hand turn, then quickly turn left again to make this bridge.

At the top of our first big climb, we thought things were basically over. We had had to walk a few times because the grade was as high as 17%, and we were close enough (on the map) that it seemed possible that the rest of the ride would be downhill or maybe some rolling hills. So we took a victory photo of the Chicken:

Did some grocery shopping for dinner:

And rode probably another 30km up and down mountains. Maybe we could have planned it so that we didn't ride a 90km day with a series of steep, long climbs at the end of the day. But all of it was beautiful, and it was one of our favorite days so far.

The next morning we bought bread because of the advertising.

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