Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some Notes on Bicycle Infrastructure

A bike route along a river, both directions, plus two views of a map of the region and signage for all bike, mountain bike, walking, and rollerblading routes that connect at this spot. Key to some routes in the region and a close up of the map below (we take iPhone photo to help us navigate later).

Blue = bicycle, Green = walking (wanderweg), Yellow = mountain bike, Purple = rollerblading

In case it is unclear, the above marking means: this sidewalk is also a bicycle path here and bikes might come from either direction, so if you are driving out of this lot, watch for the bikes...

Man can make this bridge wobble around a lot!

If something is inside a red circle, it is not allowed.

This hill would have been too steep to bike, so they put in some stairs up to the bridge:

The man on the route above, and the view we see below:

Okay, cherry picking is not really encouraged, nor has it anything to do with bicycle infrastructure. But it has been such a perk! Cherry season is goooood!

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Joe said...

I am jealous of all the great looking rivers... and the bicycle tire vending machine!

We'll have all those in L.A. soon, though!