Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17th - Back in Germany

Epic day of 90km got us back to Germany, where we liked our campingplatz so much we stayed for a rest day. Phew! Laundry gets to dry, we did nothing but take a walk into town for an ice cream, and we changed our plans yet again. The camping was in Ensdorf, which is in a clearly nuclear powered region.

Breakfast included eggs, and dinner included wine, but not for pregnant women.

Joshua managed to wake up with the best hair day ever, and we headed north again along the Saar River, looking for the 'Saar-Bostalsee' bike route. After a minor mishap, where we were on the wrong side of the river to continue North-East and had to go back 6k to the last bridge, we found magic again. And tripped out all day long...

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