Thursday, July 29, 2010

Visiting Sibylle in Hilgershausen

Viveka is the dog and Cleo is the cat.

They belong to Sibylle, Ramona's aunt. We stayed with Sibylle in Hilgershausen for several days after visiting David in Fulda. Sibylle gave us a nice bed to sleep in, warm showers, and lots of space to spread out our stuff. She also let us takes lots of naps and sleep in.

I had a great 'make and mend' day; cleaning and adjusting brakes, tightening nuts, and straightening tent stakes with the vice in her barn. Ramona and I had a fun time exploring the barn and I wish we had some pictures of our finds.

Hilgershausen is a very small village on top of a mighty big hill. Sibylle's house directly in the center, across the street from the small church. It was quite late and getting dark when we arrived and we had no address, so we navigated by memories of photos that Sibylle had sent the previous winter and spring. After circling the town a couple of time and attracting the notice of everyone, we found her house.

Here is picture of a typical house in the village. If I had to guess, there were no more than 25 or 30 houses in the village.

The village is situated due west and up from Bad Sooden-Allendorf. Sibylle took us to eat at a hotel in Allendorf and we walked around for a bit. Lunch was fantastic - we had a mushroom soup/stew.

This is a church near the hotel.

Sibylle gave us a nice tour and pointed out that many of the building were empty or only partially occupied.

Ramona and I took a lovely stroll through the fields and forests above the village. The farms and trees reminded me of Vermont but even more bucolic. We picked berries and ate cherries the whole way. The first night we were there, Sibylle took me out on a walk above the back side of the village and told me that she felt the village was very special and very beautiful. As the days passed, I came to agree with her.

We also walked past this war memorial for WW1 and WW2. The grass here was filled with frogs the size of my pinky finger nail.

On Sunday, Raimund and Nathalia came to visit.

We played some serious dog circus with Nathalia. Here she is on the prowl.

and now she attacks Ramona!

Ramona is not impressed.

Raimund is there to capture it all on film.

After dog circus, it is off to the fish farm for dinner. We had some excellent fish and good times. Ramona and I stayed after everyone left and utilized our superior European bicycle touring training to drink a bottle of sloe berry wine and stayed until the restaurant closed around us, talking about where to go next.

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