Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rolling out of Kirn

My kickstand broke yesterday, so now I lean my bike on trees.

If something can fall off your bicycle, it will. Tally so far: bottle of advil, 1 sarong, 2 handkerchiefs, 1 bottle of sun screen. I decided to get serious about preserving my marriage after losing ramona's flip flops in some French city. I had to ride 5k back to get them.

Can a Chinese carbeener hold a pair of brazillian flip-flops to a German bag?

:: rolling post. ride on.


marks moody said...

just for the record, i did not demand that joshua go back for the flip-flops. in fact, i said i would get some in the next town. but joshua is outstanding in every way, so he decided he would feel better going back. -ramona

Great Aunt Jude said...

It's ok, one couldn't imagine you insisting such a trek for one's comfy footwear... and I'm not surprised Joshua John would gallantly retrieve what makes you happy! Love Mom Moody!